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About Clear Vision’s Artist Promotion

We provide a nurturing environment for our artists to have all the artistic freedom they want. While other companies tend to think linearly, and that each artist should do exactly what they’re told, we leave your vision up to you. We provide infrastructure and partnership with financial backing to help you succeed as an artist. We strive to connect fans with our artists without involving too many mediators. If this sounds like how you like to operate, give us a call. Let’s connect you with your new fanbase.

A.Q. The God

It’s All About Making a Connection

Clear Vision Music is a musical conglomerate powerhouse that stretches to all lengths of the music world. We produce, manage, publish, and promote live concerts, tours, artists, and more. By providing full service to our team of artists, we all succeed together.

For the music lovers of the genres we represent, we offer a high-quality variation of music for purchase and enjoyment through live streams, concerts, and tours. Live music is where artists truly shine, and being able to connect fans with the music they love is what we’re all about.

How We Promote Your Success

We promote our artists by providing advertising marketing, public relations, and branding on all major platforms. These include TV, radio, live streaming devices, newspapers, and on billboards. We secure artist interviews on major national syndicated talk shows, radio talk shows, morning shows, and late-night shows. Additionally, we offer performances at all national sporting events as well as amateur and professional sponsored events. Contact us today to join our team of rising stars.

Call Us Today, and Let’s Create Your Clear Vision